Options for choosing the style and design of the wardrobe for the bedroom

A wardrobe for a bedroom is an important detail, which should not only look stylish and correspond to the overall interior design, but also be comfortable and roomy. All this easily combines a correctly selected wardrobe, becoming a real small dressing room.

wardrobe in the bedroom

The bedroom space should not be overloaded with unnecessary items, install massive furniture cluttering up the space.

Features and advantages of a wardrobe in the bedroom

Sliding wardrobes replaced more bulky and less functional cabinet furniture. At the same time, a well-designed compartment design will allow not only conveniently placing all things, but also getting rid of other furniture in the bedroom due to their uselessness. Only a bed and a bedside table are suitable, the wardrobe will take over the functions of the rest of the furniture.

Sliding wardrobe has the following advantages:

  • saving space in the room due to sliding doors, since swing doors take up too much space;
  • the ability to mask bulky items, as sliding wardrobes are mounted to the ceiling and, therefore, have space for storing items of not the first importance;
  • visual changes in space due to various cabinet design;
  • the ability to hide layout irregularities using built-in models;
  • high variability of the installation.

Note! For small bedrooms, the option of incorporating a bed in the closet is perfect.

Types of designs of sliding wardrobes


They are shelves and compartments closed by sliding doors in the boundaries from wall to wall and from floor to ceiling. They have the following advantages:

  • rational use of the entire available volume;
  • the possibility of independent production of some parts from plywood or drywall, pro will not only save, but also be creative in the design of the interior;
  • the permissibility of placement in any selected place in the room with the ability to hide communications;
  • the possibility of embodying any style ideas, which allows you to successfully enter the closet into the interior of the room.
built-in wardrobe in the bedroom

Compared with a conventional wardrobe, the wardrobe installed in the bedroom has a lot of advantages.

The disadvantages include the lack of the ability to move the cabinet. In the case of dismantling, a clearly conspicuous space will remain in its place, which will have to be separately decorated.


A feature of this design is the absence of one or more supporting parts, for example, a back or side wall. That is, the cabinet can be mounted in a corner along the wall, simulating the missing opening or niche in the room.

semi-fitted wardrobe in the bedroom

Today, you can choose the right model so that it meets the requirements of even the most demanding customer.

Note! The cabinet frame is attached directly to the wall, and therefore it will be extremely difficult to move it.


The case of this cabinet consists of a supporting frame, four panels, a back wall and sliding doors.

Usually this type of cabinets is placed along the wall, less often, when zoning the space, in the center of the room. It is a good alternative to classical oar furniture and has a number of other advantages:

  • the ability to move without consequences for the appearance of the walls;
  • the possibility of transportation in assembled form;
  • ease of assembly and disassembly.
wardrobe in the bedroom

Such a piece of furniture is suitable for placement in places where it is not possible to place a regular cabinet at all.

Important! Assembled transportation is fraught with loss of frame rigidity, therefore it is recommended to transport the cabinet disassembled.

The disadvantages include:

  • reduction of available volume due to design features;
  • high cost of a large amount of material and components.


This view is a combination of several stand-alone modules, stylized as a single concept. At the same time, individual elements are connected in an ergonomic configuration, which allows to give the interior a style and originality. However, there is the possibility of changing the overall architectural design of a modular design.

modular wardrobe in the bedroom

The space saved by installing a coupe can come in handy for placing a double bed.

Also, modular cabinets have several more advantages:

  • variability of height, from limiting the roof to filling the entire space up to the ceiling;
  • the possibility of additional decorative arrangement through the use of shelves, peaks, podiums and lights;
  • the ability to complement the design with niches and mezzanines.

Types of sliding mechanisms

Typification of types of systems is due to the presence of a frame and the shape of the door. However, the main element of all sliding systems are rollers, providing a quiet and smooth door. Their design also includes a sealed bearing, protected from dust, dirt and moisture.

wardrobe in the bedroom with a mirror

The product can be designed to order with all the necessary functions and details for a specific case.

The role of the upper rollers is to keep the facade upright. They are usually rubberized to minimize slipping noise. The lower rollers are basic, because the whole mass of the door presses on them. Therefore, they are equipped with spring cushioning and bearings, which gives ease of movement and increases the service life of the support mechanism.


The roller itself is a special suspension, fixed at the top of the door and equipped with a slider. This slider is located in the rail, which ensures easy and quiet door travel. The upper part of the door is attached to the guide rollers, and the bottom rests on the lower rollers moving along a rigidly fixed guide.

sliding door wardrobe system

Roller mechanism for sliding door wardrobes.

Frameless systems

In this system, the rollers are mounted directly to the door leaf. It is considered the most budget option.

Frame systems

These systems are most common in aluminum and steel versions due to the reliability and wear resistance of these materials.

sliding door frame system

Frame systems for a sliding wardrobe.

Systems for radius sliding wardrobes

Such a system is made of a profile curved in accordance with the contour of the door. It is usually developed for a specific model, since it is necessary to clearly take into account all sizes and shapes.

Cabinet Shape Options

In appearance, cabinets come in several types.


A rather stylish and pragmatic solution that allows you to occupy the empty corner of the bedroom, which cannot be used in any other way. Despite its small size, such a cabinet is quite roomy, especially with the proper organization of the internal space.

corner wardrobe in the bedroom

The advantage of this model is the most practical use of the corner space of the room.

Note! There is a diagonal-angular model of the wardrobe, which has a rounded facade, which can be decorated with a mirror or glass.

The facade of the corner cabinet can be decorated with high-quality photo printing or stained glass. Inside, combined shelves for books and documents will be appropriate. If desired, a mini-bar or a small refrigerator can also be included in the design.

Perhaps the only drawback of this model is its high cost, associated with the complexity of assembly and installation.

corner wardrobe in the bedroom

The design is in the shape of the letter "G", which as it consists of two cabinets located at right angles and inscribed in the corner of the room.


This type of cabinet with a straight and strict facade is applicable in any interior. Its versatility is determined by the simplicity of the design, but also by the mediocrity of the model, which is traditional and often used in the interior, especially in the classical style.

white wardrobe in the bedroom

People who decided to put a wardrobe in their bedroom note its laconic style and great spaciousness.


These cabinets have a radiused, semicircular facade, used relatively recently, but confidently gaining popularity. This is due not only to the originality of the facade, which can bring elegance to the interior, but also to multifunctionality.

radial wardrobe in the bedroom

This is a special kind of corner cabinet, characterized by a stylish and elegant design.

Note! Radius sliding wardrobes are mainly made according to individual sketches and in a single copy.

Examples of cabinet filling

The internal content of the cabinet depends on the size of the niche or wall of the installation, and on the number of things that are supposed to be placed there. Depending on the available space, the size of the cabinet is determined, and, consequently, the number of internal sections, as well as doors. It is convenient when one door is designed for one section, and it will be better if its width is not more than one meter.

comfortable closet

Filling the wardrobe in the bedroom is carried out in accordance with the general principles of filling wardrobes.

The width of the section itself, if it is supposed to store outer clothing in it, should be at least 80 cm, the height should be at least 140 cm. Moreover, the upper limit of the height is limited by the growth of the owner, as well as the convenience of placing hangers on the bar.

The location of the rod along or across depends not so much on the preferences of the owner, but on the available cabinet sizes. In the case when the width of the cabinet exceeds 60 cm, a crossbar is installed at the shoulder level, on which hangers cling. If the cabinet width is less than 45 cm, then it is optimal to use retractable structures in the form of transverse rods attached to the shelf, on which the shoulders are placed parallel to the door. Moreover, it is more convenient to place them above the level of the head.

wardrobe in the bedroom filling

The most appropriate would be horizontal zoning with vertical compartments.

Note! The bar may be round or oval. The latter option is more preferable, as it is able to withstand more weight, and in addition it is most often removable.

Traditionally, things in a closet are placed as follows:

  • in the upper part - the least used and seasonal items of clothing and equipment;
  • in the middle part - the most commonly used, casual clothes, underwear;
  • at the bottom are heavy, rarely used things like travel bags.
cabinet interior

In order to qualitatively design the interior of the wardrobe in the bedroom, it is advisable to use the services of a professional designer.

The required elements for filling the cabinet include the following:

  • shelves in large numbers and with varying distances, used to store wardrobe items when folded;
  • boxes under various trifles or underwear;
  • a bar on which hangers with outerwear are placed;
  • retractable baskets for storing bedding and towels;
  • compartment at the bottom for storing boxes and suitcases.
wardrobe in the bedroom

As a rule, the internal filling is made of plastic, glass, metal, wood or chipboard.

Options for the facade of the wardrobe

There are quite a lot of facades for the cabinet, and often the choice is limited only by the owner’s imagination. You can list the following most popular options:

  1. Mirrored. Allows visually expanding the space. The mirror surface is covered with a shockproof film;
  2. With photo printing. Any selected pictures are applied to the plane using special paints that do not deform over time. It is also possible to use ultraviolet printing and laser engraving.
  3. From chipboard. The most common option due to its cost. It is durable and reliable, as well as a variety of colors, but it looks quite primitive. Which, however, can also be beaten.
  4. With a gourmet. It is an opaque glass with a thickness of 4 mm. This material, on the one hand, hides the contents of the cabinet, and on the other hand, allows the owner to quickly navigate his location.
  5. With a decorative mirror or glass. In this case, an image resistant to further cleaning is applied to the tinted glass using a sandblasting machine. Also, a mirror with a matte pattern looks rather unusual.

Choosing a style for the cabinet


A wardrobe in this style is distinguished by grace and visual lightness, which brings a lot of space and light to the bedroom. It is decorated in antiquity, which is achieved by artificial scuffs and cracked paint. Simplicity of form and attention to detail is also important. So, the fittings are decorated with patterns and carvings. In addition, the Provence-style wardrobe has a number of distinctive features:

  • manufacture of natural wood, mainly from solid wood;
  • matte, patinated, slightly worn, but never glossy;
  • soft pastel colors, for example, a light shade of ivory;
  • decoupage in the form of hand-painted or carved;
  • if the cabinet has glass doors, then they are curtained with short handmade curtains.
closet to the bedroom provence

Wooden facades are popular, making the bedroom interior more comfortable and warm, as well as adding an element of luxury to the interior.

Note! A characteristic feature of a Provence-style cabinet is a small cornice at the top and carved frills at the bottom.


Cabinets in this style are distinguished by practicality and conciseness, a combination of simplicity and a majestic appearance. The main features of the classical style include its versatility. These designs successfully fit into the interior of any bedroom thanks to symmetrical shapes, sophisticated lines, natural textures and exquisite decor.

wardrobe in the classic bedroom

It’s best to fit into the bedroom interior, a custom-made wardrobe, since among the ready-made options it can be quite difficult to find the right one.

Such a cabinet will look best in dark brown, black or wet asphalt. It does not need decor. The only decoration of the wardrobe in the bedroom can be the manufacture of doors from the mirror with the preservation of wooden partitions.


This style is distinguished by its catchiness and brightness. In its framework, the use of black, white, gold and bright red colors, as well as their contrasting combination, is quite appropriate. The latter allows you to visually expand the room and give it a more fresh look.

wardrobe Asian style

The main criterion for choosing a wardrobe for a bedroom is its spaciousness, but compactness.

VIDEO: Wardrobe in the bedroom - modern ideas.

Photos of the bedroom interior with wardrobe:

To better imagine what type of cabinet and style to choose, you can see photos of different interiors.

A sliding wardrobe for a bedroom is an optimal solution that allows not only rational use of space, but also to create a truly unique design. With a competent and attentive approach, this choice will not be difficult.

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