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Options for combining rooms with a balcony or loggia
Many apartments have a small area in the rooms. Because of this, you have to constantly think ...
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Sauna options on the balcony or loggia
Sauna on the balcony or in the loggia is unusual, but so cool and interesting. I even imagine the first reaction ...
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The use of decorative fountains in the design of apartments
In a city apartment, I so want to create picturesque corners of nature that would beckon with their mystery ...
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Options and methods for combining rooms with a balcony or loggia
Combining a loggia with an adjoining room is becoming increasingly popular. And often this is even done ...
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Layout options for one-bedroom apartments
The choice of housing is a very important point in which you need to consider not only an affordable price, but also provide ...
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Design and type of fencing options for balconies and loggias
The design of the fencing of a balcony or loggia is a rather complicated process. Besides the fact that you must not be mistaken ...
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Tips and tricks for planning one-room apartments
A simple design for odnushki is to combine the space into several residential areas. If there is a child ...
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Successful planning examples in two-room Khrushchev
They used to build on conscience. Soviet apartments are the top of engineering skill. But in those days they didn’t pay ...
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Interesting examples of room screen models
In modern homes, the screen is not used often in interior decoration. Although in the 19th century this little thing ...
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Interesting examples of sliding doors for a room
Doors - an integral element in the design of any room. They vary in size, design, materials ...
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